Corporate Info

Meridian Contracts Sdn Bhd’s principal activities are in civil engineering and building construction. For us quality means meeting and delivering our customers/clients requirement to their satisfaction. Our services are continuously built upon on our objective of on time delivery. commitment to excellence and safety, innovation and expertise through our Quality Improvement Initiatives.

Our strength comes from a group of committed and qualified management and staff with vast experience in construction industry, their ability to adapt to changes swiftly and strict Health and Safety measures compliance are the attributes of the Company to undertake contracts of various sizes and natures, namely :

  • Basement construction
  • Highway and Bridges
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Building construction above water
  • Any other civil and building work

GST No.: 001329135616

Our Skills

Our Management team has secured and successfully completed projects consisting of :

  • Dual carriage expressways, interchanges, Road and railway bridges (single and multi span over rivers and roads) and railway tracks
  • Substructure and superstructure of High rise Building and Polytechnic Complex
  • Water treatment plants
  • LRT stations ( incl. underground station)


  • CIDB – certificate of Registration as G7     Contractor
    • Category B04 : pembinaan bangunan-kerja bangunan am
    • Category CE21- kerja am kejuruteraan awam
  • CI Certification – Certificate of Quality Management System MS ISO 9001:2008– Provision of general construction services

Our Team